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Donations In Lubbock

Thinking of donating your hair? Call us to book your appointment! Our stylists are eager to give you a brand new look, and excited that you’re doing it for a great cause!

The organization we support is Children With Hair Loss. They are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that was founded in 2000. CWHL makes human hair replacements and care kits available at NO COST to children suffering from hair loss. Their mission: “Covering young heads to heal young hearts!”

Do you have a wig you no longer need? We gladly accept wig donations! We will clean them up, steam and trim as needed, to get them prepared to be donated to the American Cancer Society! Simply drop them off and well do the rest!

To all past donors, of both hair and wigs:

THANK YOU for your hair donation! You will bless many lives with your special gift!

Sheila B.
Shelby H.
Kelsey R.
Benjamin L.
Clint D.
Carrie T.
Maria-Bella M.
Morgan B.
Itzel G.
Susy B.
Kaylee J.
Anna H.
Jennifer N.
Victoria C.
Chassi H.
Dayna W.
Victoria O.
Bethany S.
Nicole E.
Sarah C.
Emily D.
Rebekah M.
Morgan B.
Zoey M.
Amanda V.
Roseanne D.
Phetra G.
Cindy F.
Courtney Ann B.
Cooper E.
Tiana O.Ceressa R.
Ameena S.
Katrina B.
Lynn L.
Trina J.
Nikki H.
Miriam R.
Petra P.
Kassey M.
Jocelyn H.
Marissa L.
Ellie L.
Joshua O.
Marc S.
Sarah V.
Kinsey R.
Phetra G.
Troy Kern
Margaret Mou
Leah Villarreal
Kyndal Herrera
Sarah Hernandez
Emily Robinson
Pam Hargrove
Jennifer Phillips
Trey Ward
Malik Busou
Anna Ochoa
Gabrielle Villafranco
Gabby Barrious
Joshua Rios
Shaydon Whitfield
Christopher Fyock
Shawna Frederick
Rosa Gonez De Jesus
Jackie Valdez
Julia Rodriguez
Mary McCreely
Terri Keffer
Bob and Peggy Pearle
Megan Anthony
Lucas Hernandez
Heavenly De La Cerda
Mike McKay
Monica Garcia
Huayun Zhou
Christopher Reece
Brianna Nabarrette
Shelby Barnhart
Shelby Martin
Faria Tuz Zahura
Darlene Ortega
Bryan Burns
Ashleigh James
Alainah Gomez
Lucas Hernandez
Mary McCreely
Terri Keffer
Julia Rodriguez
Jackie Valdez
Rosa Gomez De Jesus
Shawna Frederick
Christopher Fyouk
Shaydon Whitfield
Logan Rickabaugh
Trina Jackson
G. Lance Smith
Marina Chavez
Wan Hsi Chen
Kris Jete
Brian Turpen
Laura Krisher
Cadence Stuckwish
Laney Solis
Vince Maldonado
Kimberly Jenerette
Allison Kennedy
Audrey Sanchez
Sydni Chesshir
Abigail Clayton
Matthew Ellison
Donavon Armendariz
Christine Villareal
Glenda Reynolds
Tracy Johnson
Mikael Sanchez
Carol Bonnette
Maria Alaniz
Maria-Joaquina (Jackie) Womack
Sheila Fleetwood
John Schiltz
Milagro Faith Garza
Susan Grasso
Ashlee Madison
Cindy Armstrong
William Thiessen
Tim Kute
Yolanda Buarte
McKenzie Pearce
Domingo Cortinas
Dustin McKnight
Aubrey Melton
Kenya Marquez
Tanya Rosales
Debbie Singletary
Jesse Petty
Ysanne Webb
Samantha Hernandez
Valerie Loewen
Sheila Dewbre
Elise Austell
Chloe Brooke
Maylene Boyzo
Travis Edwards
Janet Wood
Salome’ A. Madrid
James Kirk
Lindl Easton
Chloe Cantu
Carla Dorsey
Lori Perez
Colton Clarkson
Jennifer Yanez
Jazzabella Solis
Nitya Jayasri Kopparti
Diane Reid
Mickhel A. Zamora
Martha Parks
Valerie Parks
Debra Duncan Murphree
Kenzlee Bartosh
Kaylie Brown
Matt Proulx
Kassey Reyes Montoya
Thanh Quang Pham
Jennifer Bentley
Sarah Neufeld
Juanita Garcia
Tiffany Johns
Nicholas T Wesley
Kim Lehman- Brown
Ainsley Brick
Akosh Dev
Lorenzo Corral
Mia Martinez
Monique Vasquez
Michael Gordon
Caydance Gutierrez
Casey Brown
Amanda Jennings
Michael Gardner
Kaylee Valenzuela
Naomi Drew
Victoria Gomez
Glen Lowe
Ulyssa Ysela Lopez
Azaira Sotelo
Heidi Sims
Leif Shupla
Devon Boerman
Sheila Fleetwood
Carlos Quintana
Seth Koedyker
Ronda Boyce
Tonya Norton
Charlotte Allen
Alexis Jays
Abby Stephens
Tammy Gonzalez
Margaret Elbow
Zoey Peck
Evylen Meredith
Megan Hennig
Colton Bauer
Rachelle Quintero
Courtney Mankins
Devon Allen
Arlet Borunda
Debra Rhodes
Amanda Maness
Hanna Kenedy
Kathryn Sridaromont
Preslee Black
Lacey Shoemaker
Dea Young-Smith
Katelynn Olive
Vicente Medina
William Thlessen
Angie Rogers
Viviana Duran
Nicholas Meda
Rodney Lee
Cheryl Jennings
Danna Murfee
Justin Ledbetter
Alexzandlia Chance
Helen Jennings
Brian Lucosli
Aurelio Islas Estrada
Becky Wagner
Tina Weston
Kim Lehman
Midgie Eddington
Sofia Rivera
Jan Roberts
Mila Garza… in honor of Alicia Torres
Diana Garza… in honor of Alicia Torres
Gia Gonzales
Hadley Pyle
Britteny Guitron
Samantha Capo
Kevin Adams
Mariana Ortega
Blake Milbeck
Ryan Babcock
Cynthia Halloway / Garrett Halloway
Brandi Kemp
Kelly Tosi
Irissa James
Sandy Amon
Cara Brown
Robert Torres
Christopher Reece
Ruby Flores
Victoria Gomez
Elise Vinson
Jenesis Anderson
Trey Ward
Courtney Holloway
Vince Maldonado
Crystal Vinson
Justice Stout
Logan Klepac
April Espinoza
Juliana Woods
Sydney Hill
Travis Weaver
Greg Baugh

Inside Out Foundation

We donate gently used refurbished wigs to the Inside Out Foundation. If you have a gently used wig that you don’t want any more or a wig that you’ve never worn …or would like to give the gift of a wig… simply drop it off at the salon and we will do the rest!  We clean and style each wig before sending it to the foundation.

Stacie Hart Armes


Christie Gibbs

Irene Komenda

Stephanie Zias

Kathy Akkerman

Sue Scott

Cathye Davis

Maria Hillman

Lori Manning

Kay Gipson


Financial Support

This is a monetary gift to purchase a wig and products to care for that item. The recipient can also use the funds to purchase any wig caps or turbans that they might need. You can be specific as to the person you would like to donate to. We offer gift cards or you can make a payment to a specific person‘s account.

The Kelsey Logan Angel Fund

Wigs Donated

Many people find wigs in their closet or their parents closet and don’t know what to do with them. If you don’t particularly have an organization you would like to donate to, but you would like to help someone … then you can simply drop it off to the salon. We will find a place or organization that would best fit.


Pat Hatter
Marilyn Harper

Lydia Buentello

Carolyn Smith

Leslie Francis

Sharen Anderson

Brenda McClesky

In loving memory of Deloris Gardner, by Lori Torres

Martha Brown

Julie Warren

Sherry Trantham

Chris & Jessica Brown and Family in Honor of Norma Brown



Helen Pope and Ashley Cox…
In loving memory of Sharon Kester Fair

Monica Price

Santa stops for haircut in Lubbock, donates to Children With Hair Loss

Past Donors For Locks Of Love:

Amy Harleson
Abby C.
Jessie Ray R.
Ashley M.
Teresa T.
Aslinn N.
Diana S.
Emily G.
Renee R.
Gillian Grace G. (GiGi)
Melody Paton B.
Laura S.
Kaili E.
Emily P. (Jessica)
Morgan H.
Carmen W.
Cindy F.
Sheila M.
Shelby H.
Kelsey R.
Jennifer Phillips
Yolanda P.
Jessica L.
Shelly D.
Apryl B.

Wig Donations For American Cancer Society

Jeane L.
Charlee A.
Ruth Morton

Past Donors For Wigs For Kids:

Koby G.
Maria V.
Mariah E. W.
Madison R.
Christine V.
Monica V. T.
Diana S.

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We look forward to sending off your hair donation.