Top Form French 12″



Top Form French 12” Remy Human Hair by easiHair is designed to add gorgeous all-over volume at the crown, this Remy human hair topper clips in easily behind the hairline. Each hair is hand tied to the nearly invisible double monofilament base using French knotting, a luxury technique that results in a superior natural appearance. Falling below the chin, this topper provides thorough coverage for the beginning and mid/progressive stages of hair loss.

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1B HOT FUDGE Soft Black, 4/27/30 GERMAN CHOCOLATE Darkest Brown Evenly Blended and Tipped with Light Red-Gold Blonde and Red-Gold Blend, 4/33 CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY TRUFFLE Darkest Brown and Medium Red Blend, 6/33 RASPBERRY TWIST Brown & Dk Red Blend, 8/30 COCOA TWIST Medium Brown and Medium Red-Gold Blend, 10H24B ENGLISH TOFFEE Light Brown with 20% Light Natural Blonde Blend, 12/30BT ROOTBEER FLOAT Light Gold Brown and Medium Red-Gold Blend with Medium. Red-Gold Tips, 14/24 CRÈME SODA Medium Natural-Ash Blonde and Light Natural Blonde Blend, 22MB SESAME Light Ash Blonde and Light Natural Gold Blonde Blend, 27B PEACH TART Light Gold-Red Blonde, 31/26 MAPLE SYRUP Medium Red Brown, Light Natural Red Blend, 33 DARK AUBURN Medium Natural Red, FS2V/31V CHOCOLATE CHERRY Black/Brown Violet, Medium Red/Violet Blend with Red/Violet Bold Highlights, FS4/33/30A MIDNIGHT COCOA Dark Brown, Medium Red, Medium Natural Red Blonde/Brown Blend with Medium Natural Red Blonde/Brown Blend Bold Highlights, FS6/30/27 TOFFEE TRUFFLE Brown, Medium Red-Gold, Medium Red-Gold Blonde Blend with Medium Gold Blonde Bold Highlights, 4RN BROWNIE FINALE NATURAL Darkest Brown, 6RN FUDGESICLE NATURAL Dark Brown, 8RN COCOA NATURAL Medium Gold Brown, 613RN WHITE CHOCOLATE NATURAL Pale Natural Gold Blonde, 12FS8 SHADED PRALINE Light Gold Brown, Light Natural Gold Blonde and Pale Natural Gold-Blonde Blend, Shaded with Medium Brown, 14/26S10 SHADED PRALINES N' CRÈME Medium Natural-Ash Blonde and Medium Red-Gold Blonde Blend, Shaded with Light Brown, 24B613S12 SHADED BUTTER POPCORN Light Gold Blonde and Warm Pale Natural White/Blonde Blend, Shaded with Light Gold Brown, 24B18S8 SHADED MOCHA Dark Ash Blonde/Honey Blonde Blend, Shaded w/ Med Brown, 24B/27CS10 SHADED BUTTERSCOTCH Light Gold Blonde and Medium Red-Gold Blonde Blend, Shaded with Light Brown, FS26/31S6 Salted Caramel Medium Natural Red Brown with Red Gold Blonde Bold Highlights, Shaded with Brown


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