A new year brings all new possibilities. Make sure you’re ready for anything by taking care of yourself first!  When we look good, we feel good, from the inside out! Make sure that you are taking the time to eat right, exercise,  and hydrate…then come in and treat yourself to some professional hair care! Whether you’re just using a punch in your Blowout Card to get your hair styled for the day, or coming in for a completely new look…getting your hair done always adds the cherry on top to feeling great!  Don’t neglect yourself this year! 2019 is YOURS!!

Transformation Tuesdays!

Do you need a little extra time with your stylist? Have you been interested in trying something brand new? Do you have concerns about thinning or hair loss? We would love to help you find solutions  that are just right for you!  During Transformation Tuesdays, our goal, at Petra Hair Design, is to make you feel and look beautiful. Everyone feels better when they like what they see in the mirror. It builds our confidence and our self esteem. This is a great day to come in and just make that time for yourself.

 We all face challenging times with our appearance. Our faces change, as well as our hair…and for many reasons. 
Petra Hair Design strives to assist you as we face those challenges together. We offer solutions from beginning to advanced stages of hair loss. We not only offer solutions for women, but for children and men as well. We are here
for all the stages of your life.
Ask our receptionist to reserve a little extra time with your stylist – whether youd like to look at hair loss solutions ,discuss
changing up your existing hairstyle, or add a little one-on-one time for some styling tips! We are here to help you look your  best!

P.S.  Don’t forget to drink your water!!


    Petra and the team at Petra Hair Design