We would like to give special thanks to Eugene and his wife Cathy Bonds, new friends of Petra Hair Design! Eugene recently visited …. in hopes of finding an important addition to his costume for a special event that he would be involved with. He was searching for a very particular item, it needed to be just right. He paid very close attention to the details and took his appearance very seriously. He was dedicated to the upmost quality and likeness of the character that he was representing.

CharlesEugene Bonds was portraying Colonel Charles Goodnight at the recent Goodnight Chuckwagon Cookoff held at the Saints Roost Museum in Clarendon Texas.

He was looking for a hairpiece, or system that would make his look complete! We began looking through a few systems…and there it was! We found the perfect color to match his beard! The look was great, we couldn’t have been more lucky. We were so happy to be a part in seeing his look transform. He is such pleasure to be around and work with! Watch for him and his wife at special events!

Eugene and Cathy Bonds, dressed as Charles and Mary Ann Goodnight. They recently gave a first person presentation to about 200 Clarendon area elementary students at the Saints Roost Museum. The presentation was in conjunction with the Charles Goodnight Chuckwagon Cookoff.

Charles Goodnight, also known as Charlie Goodnight ( March 5, 1836 – December 12, 1929 ) was an American cattle rancher. He was perhaps the best known rancher in Texas. He is also known as the “Father of the Texas Panhandle.”

Thanks again Eugene and Cathy … For your friendship and sharing your story!